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Irene Goertz – Berson, PharmD

Irene graduated Pharmacy at Utrecht University in 2003. She started her career at MSD and was trained in all aspects of the Pharmaceutical Quality Systems (GMP, GDP) for both sterile and non-sterile production. In 2009 Irene became production pharmacist at MSD in the Special Products Division and later at the hospital pharmacy (ZANOB) of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. Besides setting up the Pharmaceutical Quality System (based on GMPz) Irene was responsible for the QA release of Medicinal Gases and Water for Dialyses within the hospital. In 2014 Irene switched to a veterinary medicines production company where she combined regular QA and QP duties with drug-development, RA and auditing. After 3 years she specialised in the manufacturing and QP release of radiopharmaceuticals (123I and 18FDG) at GE Healthcare.

In 2019 Irene joined BFC where she primarily works as responsible pharmacist (QP) for pharmaceutical distributors and (bio/radio)pharmaceutical companies and were she is involved in QA projects, like the development and implementation of various quality systems (GDP, GMP).