Q2/2017 The EMA in Amsterdam?

Twenty something European cities are currently chasing the EMA to become the new host of this respectable institute surveying the medicinal products in the EU after the Brexit. Amongst these you’ll find our capital Amsterdam which recently submitted its bid-book to the EU in Brussels. A new office building is planned at the cost of € 300 million to house the 900 officials currently employed by the EMA.  And although this might seem quite an amount of money, the 400 visitors per day needing hotel rooms and restaurants will easily offset this investment. The name of this building? Vivaldi….

Hotel rooms and restaurants also mark our projects in the last quarter and the quarters to come. My colleague Jens flew to New York last month to audit a contract manufacturer, Jasper will travel to Los Alamos and New York in August, Susil audited two warehouses in Greece this week and I will travel once more to my favourite Chicago area in September to audit one of our long-lasting clients over there. And then there will be the EANM week in Vienna in October for me. Not to mention two new USA clients looking for EU gateway  support in the near future. I never cared much about air miles in the past but maybe I now should reconsider.

Talking about miles, we should not forget the milestone our pharmacovigilance department reached in April of this year. A thousand cases of side effects got processed by then. And although this will look like small beer, or small ale as put by Shakespeare, to big pharma, it still is significant for a small department handling only a dozen of non-blockbuster pseudo-orphan drugs from our customers. When using our KPI of 2 hours per case, it represents a massive amount of work to contribute a teeny-weeny bit to the drug safety of the European or Dutch population.  Or, as Shakespeare would have put it: “These offices, so oft as thou wilt look, shall profit thee and much enrich thy book”.