3rd Quarterly Update 2010


Finally we have moved to our new offices in early July. It was about time we left our old premises as we stayed there from 1990 till 2010 without ever redecorating the interior. Simultaneously with this move we have said goodbye to twenty years of paper archives as only since a couple of years the regulatory documentation became digital in nature. So, hundreds of binders from long forgotten clients were collected by some professional archive destruction company leaving no trace of those confidential data. Let’s hope none of these clients ever turns up requesting us to return those files…….

Mergers and acquisitions keep on disrupting our pharmaceutical landscape in the Netherlands with Organon, Solvay-Duphar and recently Crucell having lost their independence while becoming part of Merck, Abbott and J&J. Commonly such mergers do not require our support as they will lead to redundant staff all over the place, eliminating the need for additional consultants. However, mergers can also lead to a trek of personnel when they feel misrecognized by the new mother company or when their company does not fit at all in the corporate structure of the new mother company. And so we were called in for support indeed to take care of the regulatory affairs of such an orphaned company where everybody left the premises and our years of experience in this company now are the sole remaining regulatory bastion around.

Not only regulatory professionals but also Qualified Persons sometimes run away from their company leaving it in total despair without any possibility of releasing end products. Not a situation you would want to last too long without “unstocking” your clients which then will be taken over gratefully by your competitor. Such extremely urgent QP-support, starting the very next day, was requested only a couple of weeks ago by a pharmaceutical packaging company. Thanks to the presence of quite a number of experienced QP’s in our team we can accommodate such requests without exemption. If only to see clients so grateful as you won’t experience often.