1st Quarterly Update 2010

This quarter, as well as the next one, a significant amount of our time will have to be devoted to the removal of our agency to new offices which expectedly will take place in July of this year. Our current location has been lodging us ever since 1990 and it currently no longer meets the requirements of a modern office. Luckily for us, most of the paperwork of the early years has now been replaced by electronic submissions and archiving, reducing the size of our archives, but still significant piles of binders can be found everywhere in our premises. It will give us a hard time to think of a new destiny for all those “residues” of so many clients, but possibly the current location may stay empty for another couple of months which leaves us some extra time to find an appropriate solution.

But not only new offices require our attention this quarter as a regular client came in requesting our regulatory support for a couple of months as a consequence of temporary staffing problems. This client actually dates back to those early nineties, with a name long gone as a result of repetitive mergers in two decades. However, names of companies inevitably change over the years but names and compositions of medicinal products show a remarkable stability. So once you have come to know the products, it is rather easy to return to those early clients who, in turn, will be grateful not to have the burden of letting new consultants working their way in the portfolio of products.

“Working one’s way in a portfolio and a company”, that’s what happens when a pharmaceutical company acquires another. Such a recent acquisition involved two major Dutch manufacturing sites and since one of our consultants spent a considerable amount of time in one of these sites, he was recalled to this site to give support to the acquaintance process as part of the take-over. And again the vast experience in this company together with the thorough familiarity with people and processes guarantees a  quick “onset of action” of the consultant.

Actually this is not the only Merger & Acquisition process we currently are involved in. The other company regards a compounding pharmacy where we are running a project to adjust the GMP-system to the newly issued Inspectorate guidelines for quality systems in compounding pharmacies. With the project being halfway, the new mother-company in control understandably wanted to get informed about the project, its progress and our role in the process. Fortunately, this mother-company also has been a client of us quite a few years ago, which made communication rather easy and trustful. With so many years being in business, there aren’t so many pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands around anymore which have not figured on our client-list at some moment in time. If you belong to this extinct species you should ask yourself the question: how come…….?